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Maui Property Tax Rates and How to Calculate Estimated Property Taxes

One of the most frequently asked questions when buying Maui properties is "What are the property taxes?"

Maui does not have one set tax rate for all properties. Instead, it has many different rates based on how the owner intends to use the property and how the property is zoned. Maui's property tax rates are actually very reasonable when compared to other state's property tax rates.

Here is some additional information regarding property tax rates and some examples showing you how to calculate estimated annual property taxes. Please keep in mind the calculations will be estimates. When the county assesses your property, the tax base may be more or less than the purchase price.

Property taxes are based on 100% of assessed value. Assessed value is 100% of market value - usually purchase price. The property tax rates are based on use. If you plan on occupying the home or condo you can apply for a homeowner's exemption of $200,000.

When you purchase a home or condo, you inherit the current tax rate of the seller until July 1st of the following year after closing and then your tax rate will take effect. If you will be owner occupied, you must apply for your exemption by December 31st in the year of purchase.

Here is an example to show you how to calculate the property tax for a condominium/home that will be owner occupied:

You purchase 3/31/13. You receive the current owner's tax rate until 7/1/2014.

You file your exemption form by 12/31/13. You receive a $200,000 homeowner's exemption.

Your new tax rate is $2.75 per $1000 of assessed value which is 100% of market value.

You will find the monthly maintenance fees "includes all utilities"and 
real property taxes for the Kaanapali Alii Resort on this page.

Monthly Maintenance Fees Sept 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022

2nd thru 11th floors
Rounded to nearest dollar

Floor PlanUnite Type% of Common InterestMonthly Maintenance Fees Including Utilities
11 bdrm 2 bath + den.3454$2292
K1 bdrm 2 bath + den.3385$2246
H2 bdrm 2 bath + den
G2 bdrm 2 bath.4127$2738
J2 bdrm 2 bath
J-12 bdrm 2 bath
L2 bdrm 2 bath

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Floor PlanUnite Type% of Common InterestMonthly Maintenance Fees Including Utilities
A2 bdrm 2 bath


B2 bdrm 2 bath + den.3385$2819
C1 bdrm 2 bath + den.3523$2338
C-11 bdrm 2 bath + den
D1 bdrm 1 bath.2922$1939
E2 bdrm 2 bath
E-12 bdrm 2 bath
F1 bdrm 2 bath + den

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Ground Floor Units

Rounded to nearest dollar

Real Property Taxes

Monthly Maintenance Fees

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                         $11.75 per $1000 of assessed value